Character Profiles: I Walk For Myles In These Shoes

As you know by now, we are so excited about Myles Sexton‘s new reality web-series, I Walk For Myles In These Shoes. We gave you the first trailer, we gave you access to the launch party for the premiere episode, and now we bring you closer to the heart of the show by introducing you to some of Myles Sexton’s friends and partners who have helped in the creation and development of the show. These brief, but insightful video character profiles give us proper introductions to the people who make up the I Walk For Myles In These Shoes team. Watch the video’s and then check out the mini interviews we did with each individual. We talk Toronto, we talk Inspiration and we talk society.

Jayjay Kings Profile


What is it about Toronto that makes it so addictive? Out of all the places you could go to, you were attracted to Toronto.

I think what made me so addicted to Toronto was timing. When I came to Toronto for the first time I was so young and inexperienced to anything outside of my small town. I literally jumped off the steps of the school bus, saw the buildings and froze. It was the illusion of big city dreams and living that really made it more of an obsession. I would come to Toronto by bus randomly all the time without telling anyone in a way I felt like I already lived here before I moved.

Did you find that your long term relationship maybe took your focus away from what you wanted to achieve here in Toronto at first? How did it affect your plans?

We were dating for almost a year when we moved in together, and it wasn’t until then that I started losing focus of myself completely . I feel like if I hadn’t focused so much time on that one person, I could have met 100 others or maybe not, but I would have had a lot more time to think about myself and my dreams instead of putting someone else before them. At the end of the relationship I was at the point where I felt drained of who I came to Toronto as and given up my dreams to settle for a relationship with someone who had none.

How does your friendship with Myles fulfill what you wanted to do creatively?

Its funny, because even now, I don’t think I realized how much of a blessing it truly was that we met. During the filming I knew my relationship would be brought up and thought that it would 100 % me cry. It had been such a big part in my life for so long, but it wasn’t until I started explaining our friendship that I started to get teary eyed. I think now looking back at it, it means that I now have a bigger moment and person in my life that means a lot more to me and I couldn’t be happier. As far as work wise, I definitely think Myles and I have the same type of personality. We are both opinionated and passionate and creative with our work and ideas, so it has been interesting to see how we interact on that level. As far as creativity wise, I think having the different mediums to work with (like the jewlery line M. Sexton and web series) has given me the perfect excuse to explore my creativity again. I am still going through that rebirth stage after a relationship so I’m hoping I will grow back into who I want to be.

Jonathan Hooper Profile


You express a bit of your frustration with how small your town & high school were. How did you get through the rough times?

I think like everyone, you find a little circle of people who really care about you, and while lots of people were unkind, there were also lots who were kind. I knew I wouldn’t be staying long as soon as high school finished, so it more so became a waiting game.

You talk about your influences in art and drama. Where did your love of cinematography come from and how does that help you now, especially with the series?

I thinks lot of my cinematic influences stem from photographers rather than filmmakers, in that a single frame can become it’s own narrative, layer upon layer, with a beginning and end that can be created by the viewer, rather than the strict storyline made in films. Crewdson has been a huge influence for four or five years now, his elaborately staged works create a story where the viewer must fill in the blanks.

Do you feel free now, living in Toronto? Toronto is considered to be an open-minded society.

I do feel free to be who I am, and Toronto is a hugely progressive city, but I wouldn’t every say any of us are totally free. We still have bills, worries and societal frameworks to govern and influence us, but I suppose here in the city, the individual choices you make matter less. It’s definitely a big change from a small town where everyone knows each others business, but I see true freedom as being the absence of leveraging socio-political constructions.

Lucia Sobral Profile


Does your culture play a role in your life at all, even though you were raised in Toronto for the most part?

Culture plays an important role in my life, I am proud to be from Uruguay. My parents fought hard to make me speak Spanish at home so I wouldn’t lose my native language. I am also feel really lucky to be living in such a culturally diverse city such as Toronto. People embrace everyone’s culture and you can’t help but be influenced by the diversity.

This project is very ambitious. Where did you find the confidence to take your skills and assist in creating this series?

My passion for film started in the fall while taking a broadcasting course I took in university. Film became the primary medium for my final year thesis project, a documentary examining gender in the fashion industry, which was my first independent film. School gave me the skills and the drive to continue to experiment with film as a medium. The courage to take on this project comes from the wonderful team we have. We all pitch in and support each other, making it easy to take on whatever comes our way.

Our society is riddled with labels. In your opinion, how do labels affect young people growing up now? Do you think I Walk For Myles In These Shoes will show people a different side to androgyny, the fashion industry and even young professionals like yourself?

I think labels effect everyone growing up in some way or another. Society has set definitions for what it means to be a men or a women. When people who do not fit in either box are often not accepted. When you meet Myles you can’t help but fall in love with him, and he is a prime example of how fluid gender can be. Its not about fitting into a category its about being yourself. I hope I Walk For Myles In These Shoes give people the courage to be themselves.

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