A Pictorial: Barichara, Colombia

Our good friend, photographer Fabian Garzon sent us an email that totally brightened up our day this week. As we are huge lovers of culture and imagery, Fabian sent us some pictures he took while visiting the beautiful, peaceful city of Barichara, Colombia, earlier this year.

The name Barichara comes from the Guane dialect, meaning place for relaxation. Looking at these images, you feel a certain kind of peace. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the empty roads, or the stillness in the blue sky, but it is very apparent why Fabian and his friend, the artist David Manzur travel to this city to create their art. It’s within stillness that greatness comes, at least, that’s what Telly and I believe. Published for the first time, enjoy the work of Fabian Garzon Walking Through Barichara, Columbia with David Manzur.

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia
Images by Fabian Garzon & David Manzur
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