Leaders in Leather, Danier Leather previewed their upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 Collection this month! We are always so impressed with what Danier comes up with! Leather, especially this season, is everywhere! fancy maxis to business wear pieces. With different treatments comes different looks, colors and tints to the leather, so there is literally a style for every  leather lover! Here are some of our favorites from the collection! These beauties will start hitting stores in February.


The fit of the coats are so perfect for ladies, giving you the right curves in the right places. We are thinking every girl should have a dress with some sort of leather insert of panel like these two options!
That accordian style at the sides make this jacket wearable regardless of your chest size ladies! I think this was our favorite Ladies jacket for the color and style!
Leather is now making its way into the heat of summer! Look how leather is used to trim the maxi dress? We also loved the black dress with the leather cowl neck.


Men won't have to wear this jacket in! With the treatments made on this leather, it already looks like a classic rugged, well-worn jacket!
It's a little Michael Jackson, without too much bling. If you're a flashy guy, this totally works for your wardrobe!
Quilted Leather is here to stay! We saw a lot of it this season for the Ladies, and now Men can enjoy it too!


Classic men bags, hardware details for the ladies accessory pieces, different shapes and structures.

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By Carcia & Telly
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