The Latest with LAZYPANTS!

It’s always a treat to have comfort & fashion to your look! The popular brand Lazypants does just that and more with their latest collection. Now in TNT Hazelton Lanes, the collection in 18 colors can now be purchased in acid wash colors. We took in the launch party at the store and it was packed! The colorful LazyPants made for great decorations in the store as fashion personalities and media filled the space. Obviously we have pictures to share with you guys! What colors are you loving? Right now, a Lazypant sweat suit looks like the perfect outfit for these cooler days we’ve been having.

The Amazing Ladies in the pics? (left to right) Victoria of HauteCanada, Carcia & Telly HerCastle of, and JJ of

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Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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