Essential Looks SS 2013: Hair Trends Inspired By The Runway!

When we are called on by Schwarzkopf to attend and learn about a unique event like Essential Looks, we jump at the chance. Schwarzkopf presented the Hot Hair Style and Color trends in a Fashion show runway show, inspired by runways in Milan, Paris, New York and Toronto! The guests consisted of Hair Stylists and media. The hair brand made it simple, breaking down the looks in four parts: White Angles, Electric Youth, Glam Chic, and Mono Mods. Each group was styled within the fashion style that inspired the hair do’ and made for a fun, inspiring show. To top things off, celebrity hair stylist and top colorist Kim Vo was on hand to present the Blonde look! I asked Kim what the everyday LA woman is doing for their hair look on more of a day to day basis.

“We are all so used to seeing stars in full-on red carpet looks. Basically, what we are doing with the LA woman day to day is the toned down version of what appears on the runway. Like tonight, we will see the ultimate for each look, but these styles can work for the everyday wear, for the everyday woman. Like what I would do with Lady Gaga, it can be done in a different way that is more wearable. People want to be more creative with their look, because of influencers, bloggers and media personalities, many people know they need to have their own look and style, so stylists need to know and understand the looks,” Vo said.

Check out how each look can be created for the everyday woman below. For those girls who don’t want to loose length, no fear! Each look has a long, medium, short version using great color options to turn heads.

A close up of the four looks backstage before the show! (Clockwise) White Angles, Mono Modes, Glam Chic and Electric Youth. Here you see how color brings each look to life. A little color my great impact.
Essential Looks showcased many artistic hair looks, with a backdrop of lively music and dancers.
White Angles: Here are two different ways to carry the White Angles look with longer hair, or a crop/shaved look. Color is always chosen by what shades flatter your face more and stylists are encouraged to show you the right products to re-create the look yourself at home. This look is based on runway’s minimalism and Kimono references.
Glam Chic: Taking inspiration from the smouldering, modern, feminine woman, this look is perfect for evening outs! We call it big hair! No need to worry about loosing inches of hair length here. As you can see, the look is just as desirable with a shorter medium length.
One of our favorite looks, the Mono Mod. Taking inspiration from the playful 1960s with its black and white, polka dots and groovy-ness, the bowl cut, the bob and heavy bang rock. This cut really comes alive with different tints throughout and works GREAT with fashion.
Electric Youth: For the edgy one who wants to show off a bit of rebellion! Inspired by punk and grunge, this look can go as wild at you want it to. Color can make the look more dramatic, or color can ‘calm’ the look down for your everyday look. We love the ginger-red color!
Kim Vo showed the audience how Blondes can have even more fun, with extensions and up-dos!
At the end of the show, stylists who were responsible for the looks, took to the stage with models and totally re-did their looks within minutes! So cool to watch.

Thinking of changing up your look? Hoping this inspires you do something new and amazing this Spring/Summer.


Written By Carcia Campbell

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