FAT Fashion Art Toronto: B.E. Shields, Henry Navarro, M.Sexton & Inna

B.E. Shields: Lost

The fashion label B.E. Shields is anything BUT Lost. The Toronto label showcased sexy, conservative clothing with an edge, well made with wools draped across the body making the pieces very feminine without shouting it out too loud. Many pieces can easily work for a young woman in her 20s to a mature women in her 50s. Working in white, black and grey consumers will not fear trying on pieces from this label and although the pieces are on trend, they carry a timeless quality. Yes, you will be wearing pieces from this collection 5 years from now and people will see you as current. Check out B.E. Shields looks for FAT below.

Henry Navarro Designs: Grey Cincinnati

The multi-talented designer, Henry Navarro, presented a collection based on the racial segregation of Cincinnati, United States. Presenting the two prominent races of the city, Caucasian and African-American, Navarro’s collection featured grey pieces, worn by models with painted faces of either Black or White. The collection featured both mens and womens wear, tailored, and color-blocked to give off a modern, and futuristic look. See some of Henry Navarro’s looks below.

 M.Sexton: Runway Debut

Fashion designer and model Myles Sexton took his accessories collection to the FAT runway, showcasing deconstructed shapes and materials such as leather, chains, studs and crystals. The accessories push the limit on shapes making each piece huge and 3D. Perfect for the minimalist who only needs one fantastic piece to finish off their look, and perfect for the person who wants to pile the statement pieces on. M.Sexton looks are below.

INNA ‘Journey’

Taking us through a dark place, INNA shows us the the journey doesn’t have to be sad and weary. We were nothing BUT weary after the Hamilton based designer presented a collection of women’s wear in pure black. Everyone has black in their wardrobe, but showcasing it down a runway in the midst of the Fashion Color Revival is tricky. INNA mixed fabric textures of lace and leather, showcasing the fabrics on a variety of silhouettes. From business casual to formal wear, INNA displays her talents to give women what we want: Sophistication, Elegance and Sexiness. Looks below.

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Written By Carcia Campbell & Chantel Telly Campbell

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