Herieth Paul: The NEW Global Spokesmodel for MAYBELLINE

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We’ve been involved in this industry for a long time and we’ve made some great friends along the way! Recently, we celebrated our friend Tanzanian born, Ottawa native, and AMTI model Herieth Paul who was recently announced as a global spokesmodel for one of the world’s strongest cosmetic brands, Maybelline. Not only was this an excellent choice by the brand, but it was also a smart choice, showing that the Beauty industry is making an effort to show diversity in Beauty. Herieth as a spokesperson also shows that the brand is the look beyond the pretty face and focusing on at the person’s character and personality. Herieth has plenty of both!

Dimitrios Seymour, Agency Director, AMTI: Toronto had this to say, “Herieth’s newest role as a global ambassador for Maybelline demonstrates the changing face of fashion. We’re seeing more and more models from a variety of ethnicities become brand ambassadors on a global scale.”

Herieth will be all over the place, on billboards, magazines and commercials worldwide. We chatted about her traveling schedule and let’s just say she will have circled the world well before Fall sets in.

Before the end of the evening, we asked Herieth to share some wise words, so this message is for you!

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