Joy, Tears & WTF?: The Stories of 2012

And what an interesting year it was. This year we saw celebrity scandal, Human Bravery, Human kindness, Sweet fashion and, unfortunately, sadness in the pages of newspapers and television screens. We thought we’d share our highs and lows with you in celebration of 2013! Cheers to a successful year everyone!

Best Dressed Red Carpet

Rooney Mara, Emma Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, David Beckham, Daniel Craig, Ann Hathaway, Kerry Washington.

It was the Valentino gown to the right that certified Ann as a Red Carpet favorite for us. Her new do’ only helps with the look.
Daniel Craig wore the best fitted suits this year (Thanks Tom Ford). Sure he is Bond, but he seems to be very fashionable naturally. The blue eyes also help with the overall look.
Will David Beckham ever fall off the fashion wagon? He’s almost TOO on point, but we love his style and find inspiration in his how he wears his clothes.
Emma Stone is a red carpet fav of ours. This year she showed us that you can dress for the red carpet in slacks and a blazer. She rules!
We STILL talk about this dress. Gwyneth Paltrow rocked the red carpet in this Winter White Capped gown. Stunning.
Scandal Star Kerry Washington is such a star! She did some color and minimalist black and white. Her look is edgy, but lady like.
We fell in love with Rooney Mara’s style! Rooney knows what works, so she sticks with it. Goth glam is so hot.

Fashion & Music Moment for Us 2012

The shOws, Greta Constantine, Meeting John Taylor of Duran Duran

(Top left to bottom) Jeremy Laing at the shOws, Greta Constantine Spring Summer 2013 Collection and Us meeting the amazing Duran Duran bassist, John Taylor.

 Celebrity Scandal of 2012

Tom Cruise & Kate Holmes Surprise Divorce, Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Cheating Scandal, Lindsay Lohan is STILL a Problem, Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal

Kate Holmes secretly set up a new life in New York City and served Tom Cruise with divorce papers. Yep, you can hide secrets from the powerful Tom Cruise apparently. Biggest secret of 2012 that even caught the media outlets off guard.
Kristen Stewart. She cheated and got caught, breaking the heart of everyone’s fav vamp, Robert Pattinson. We aren’t sure why, and it’s not our business, but Robert forgave her. I guess their love really conquers all.
Lindsay Lohen on SNL. Lindsay Lohen as Elizabeth Taylor. Lindsay Lohen driving a car. Lindsay Lohen paying her taxes with rich friends money. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, Epic FAIL. Will she ever jump off the train that is bound for a wreck?
Lance Armstrong was stripped of every medal he won this year. After former team mates and his former wife came out with enough proof to ruin his career, Lance had to give up his own charity. Drugs don’t pay kids.

They Have Set Themselves Up For A Powerful 2013

Naomie Harris, Bérénice Marlohe, Katherine Duchess of Cambridge, Les Miserables Cast, Django Unchained Cast, Beyonce

Beyonce is set with new music and live performances booked. The Les Mis’ cast will be picking up awards this winter season. Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge, will be welcoming a prince or princess 2013. Bond Girls Naomie Harris and Bernice Marlohe have made a great impression on critics in Skyfall, we think 2013 will be a strong year for both actresses. The Django cast will be picking up awards and making new waves for 2013.

Best Event of 2012

The Summer Olympics in London, 121212 Concert & The US Presidential Election

Music royalty came out out in support of Hurricane Sandy Relief! The Stones, Paul McCartney, Alicia Keys and countless other major headliner performers rocked it out for 6 hours raising millions for those who suffered from the powerful storm. We aren’t major sport lovers, but we enjoyed the London Olympics! And who wasn’t watching the debates and drama surrounding Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama??

Favorite Blogger of 2012

Atlantic Pacific

We love her style! You can spend hours going through her archives and feeling inspired.

Say Goodbye To Pop Culture Hit, Gossip Girl

Fashion & Drama, that was Gossip Girl. Sad to see the show go, but it went down with class and wedding bliss!

Everyone we wanted together, ended up together. How sweet!

 Music of 2012

Fun, Rihanna, Carly Rae Jepsen, Psy, Gotye, and  We can’t leave out Adele’s Skyfall track….

Carly Rae Jepsen, with Call Me Maybe, kind of annoyed us, but the truth is, she set herself up for a great 2013. Adele had a comeback year after throat surgery and giving birth to a baby, but her haunting vocals for Skyfall? Just beautiful. Fun made some great anthem tunes, while Goyte gave us Somebody That I Used to Know. Youtube star Psy finally hit the world stage with a cute song and dance. Rihanna, regardless of the Breezy drama, continued to release new music. She is called the hardest working woman in Music for a reason lovies.

Best Hair 2012

Ann Hathaway

She was always beautiful, but the short hair works for her so well! She seems more CHIC. Unfortunately, we don’t think she’ll be keeping this look.

Unfortunate Stories of 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Mass Shootings, Aussie Radio DJ Prank Leads to Nurse Suicide over Duchess of Cambridge Hospital Stay

Mass shootings in Colorado and Connecticut, Australian Radio Djs Go Too Far and Hurricane Sandy Strikes New York and surrounding areas.

In Memoriam 2012

Whitney Houston, Etta James, Davy Jones, Jenni Rivera, Michael Clarke Duncan, Tony Scott, Andy Griffith, Nora Ephron, Dick Clark, Donna Summer, Adam Yauch, Mike Wallace, Sherman Hemsley, Neil Armstrong.

Rest In Peace

Fashion Stories of 2012

Michael Kors Went Public. Alexander Wang is the Creative Director of Balenciaga. Raf Simons heads to Dior. Stefano Pilati stepped down from Yves Saint Laurent and Hedi Slimane has replaced him. Change can be a good thing…right? I guess we will see in 2013.

Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, Raf Simons, Hedi Slimane

Best Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes of 2012

Miley Cyrus

She has totally changed on us, but we like it. Bring on the edge and leave Disney Miley to the archives we say!


Most Inspiring Person(s) of 2012

President Barack Obama & Oscar Pistorius


President Obama fought to be re-elected. Oscar fought to be accepted in the London Olympics, not looking at his disability, but his his will to succeed, and he did succeed, leaving a strong impression on the world. We’ve learned not to doubt ourselves, but believe in ourselves. Cheers to 2013!

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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