#OOTN: Everywhere You Go, You Take The Weather With You

What I wore: Nirvana T / H&M (here), Suede Skirt / Vintage (similar here), Wool Coat / Bedo (similar here), Flats / ECCO (last season, but similar here)

I must say, it was exciting to see former Nirvana members rock out with The Beatles, Paul McCartney at the 121212 Concert in aid of Hurricane Sandy survivors. I hope we all, in our own way, contributed in helping with mobile text donations, volunteer work, prayers…whatever you could give. We live in such a crazy world and it’s so inspiring to see people come together and help each other, especially at this time of year. Recently, I wore my Nirvana tee to the Lazypants event at TNT, the Hazelton Lanes location. I matched the H&M tee with a vintage suede pencil skirt. I love the look of old with a bit of new. When you go out, you pray for coat check, but sometimes you have to wear our outerwear throughout the night, so a nice, chic coat is in order. Here, I wore a BEDO coat I purchased in Montreal. The seller for me was the awesome gold hardwear to button up. Brings class where it’s due.

How do you cover yourself if you’re stuck wearing a coat for an event? Do you carry it in your arms or do you just open it up and work it?

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Telly
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