Lana Del Rey Gets Fashionably Patriotic in National Anthem

ItsMFL loves Lana Del Rey. It’s no secret.  Frankly, we are hypnotized by the songstress. From her sultry voice in Video Games to her very cool retro bathing suit in Blue Jeans, Lana has a 1960s halo over her head and her latest music video makes no exception. National Anthem, off the Born to Die album, is an ultimate throw back to the Glorious 1960s.

Alright kiddies, time for a brief pop-culture history lesson: In 1962 the Beautiful Marylin Monroe sang her iconic Happy Birthday, Mr. President to then president, John F. Kennedy. The next year, on November 22, 1963, the president was assassinated in Dallas, Texas while waving to supporters on route to a luncheon with civic and business leaders in that city. The reason why I bring this up is, in Lana’s new video, she relives Marylin’s birthday song. The President is played by A$AP Rocky (yes, the rapper), while Lana plays both, wife Jackie Kennedy and Marylin Monroe. Our favorite part of the video?  The fashion, of course. From Lana’s powder blue baby doll dress to her wide leg white pants, this video is oozing ’60’s Glamor. Her hair styles! The accessories! Did we mention the fashionable clothes? The 60’s is one of our favorite decades for fashion and music, so it gets a two thumbs up from us. Watch the National Anthem music video below! Seven minutes and forty-one seconds will go by very quickly.

Oh, and the song is good too 🙂

Watch Now! Lana Del Rey National Anthem

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