Inspiration Is: Boy George

Boy George (born George Alan O’Dowd on 14 June 1961)

Irish decent, born and raised in Bexley, Kent, England

Singer/ Songwriter during the New Romanticism movement with the band, Culture Club. In the late 1980s he continued making music as a solo artist. Today he produces music, dj’s and designs.

Boy was all about elaborate makeup, imaginative hair-dos & head gear, such as turbans and the black men's hat worn far off the face, which was a major element to the Boy George Look. All us girls have done it at least once!

We would like to say Boy George was a pioneer in not only music, but society. Clearly, Boy George was a man, who dressed as a woman and the public was fascinated with him. He wasn’t the first man to do this, but he was the first to put it out there commercially through mainstream, top 40 music since David Bowie appeared on the scene in the 1970s. It was our mother who broke the news to us that Boy George was in fact a man, and a talented one at that, many years ago. Influenced by dance, reggae, and blue-eyed soul, Boy George became a pop culture phenomenon. Boy ran into issues with drugs, his sexuality, legal problems that led to jail time, and more, but Boy is now clean, vocal on Twitter, and working in Fashion, music and photography. In recent years, he worked with MAC cosmetics, a perfect move by MAC considering Boy is one of the most well known makeup-wearing men of all time. Androgyny is Boy George, not the other way around.

Culture Club! Boy usually wore large coats and long shirts with tapered, cropped pants. He often performed barefoot and snapped his fingers to the music. Boy was genius at making himself standout! Its obvious here that he's the lead vocalist.

I knew style and content went hand in hand.

~ Boy George

Influenced By Boy

Heatherette (the fashion line)
Nicki Minaj
Women’s Fashion
Lady Gaga
Adam Lambert
Boy George Today. Makeup and Hat are still there.

Culture Club Playlist: Karma Chameleon/Do You Really Want to Hurt Me/I’ll Tumble 4 Ya/ Church of The Poison Mind/ *Bonus Solo Track* The Crying Game

The Boy George Look

Grab the bandanna, leave out some bangs, put your black hat on, but far off the head. If you have time, braid some colorful ribbon in your hair! Get a printed, or loud shirt, baggy fit, baggy denim jacket or long black coat, then put on some tapered pants & bright lips with dramatic eye makeup. Flood length pants are an option!

Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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