Furniture Bank: Spreading Hope

It is our belief here at ItsMFL, that anyone can change their life with the right mind set and the right support system. Because of our belief, we support charities and foundations that seek to help others. Furniture Bank, founded in 1998, partners with agencies to provide new home supplies for families who need to re-establish their home and start life again on a positive note.

Located in Toronto, and preparing for a move later this July, we were invited to tour the facility. The staff and volunteers at Furniture Bank are friendly and understanding. Everyday, they offer families gently used chairs, shelves, beds, kitchen utilities, linens, television, and couches. Each item is steamed and cleaned, repaired and tested.

Furniture Bank Thanks Ontario Trillium Foundation! A new Truck means more families can be helped! Photo Credit: Julie Heather Photography

You can imagine the space Furniture Bank inhabits! 30,000 square feet on Peel Avenue, Toronto. Guests take a walk through the facility, choose the items they need and Furniture Bank takes care of pick-up arrangements of delivery. Last month, The Ontario Trillium Foundation granted the Furniture Bank $55,900 to buy a new truck to help with deliveries. In 2011, Furniture Bank served 2,472 families, including 1,600 children! Furniture Bank doesn’t only offer physical items for a home, but they offer hope to individuals & families who have lost all hope and faith in themselves. Furniture Bank will be back in full business July 23rd at their new location, 25 Connell Court. Expect a new experience as Furniture Bank has developed a new design and strategy to better serve the community!

Melody Jackson (pictured) and Moriah Bacus gave us a tour of Furniture Bank. This area includes kitchen utensils & bedroom linens.

What Furniture Bank Needs In Donations?

Beds, Pots & Pans, couches, Kitchen tables, Bed sheets & more!

Donations To Furniture Bank include beautiful furniture, like this antique throne of a chair.

New warehouse, new moving truck, new vision to bring a more positive experience for those in need! Visit to learn more about volunteering & donating!

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