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Rudsak had everyone’s full attention at Toronto Fashion Week.

The outerwear industry in Canada is a competitive one. Because of our cold temperatures, we are expected to create the most innovative, durable, yet fashionable coats and jackets. The world is watching! Among the many outerwear brands, Rudsak has always been a favorite, not only for Fashion Insiders, but the general public who want to keep warm and fashionable. Rudsak has many locations, taking residence in most high-end, tourism malls. With the growth the company and new collaboration with Metric‘s Emily¬†Haines, insiders figured Rudsak would take a breather and not present at Toronto Fashion Week. Insiders were wrong.

Not only did the brand present a full on collection, strong on coats & accessories, but the show captured the audience! It was a show of strength and triumph with tribal drums and dramatic music. The message? Rudsak ain’t going NO WHERE! For those of us who enjoy Rudsak accessories (we love their handbags), the designs is only getting better along with interesting separates and options for styling. Check out our fav looks below along with backstage images!

1 rudsak RUDAK runway_2

2 rudsak RUDSAK Backstage_4

3 rudsak RUDSAK Backstage_5

4 rudsak RUDSAK Backstage_7 RUDSAK Backstage_9 RUDSAK Backstage_13 RUDSAK Backstage_14 RUDSAK Backstage_16 RUDSAK finale_4

Photo credit: George Pimentel

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