The shOws: Tanya Taylor, Steven Tai & Jeremy Laing

Tanya Taylor

Tanya Taylor speaks to the young, funky woman who wants to be clean, conservative, but not too much. We love it. The looks from Tanya Taylor’s FW presentation had the spirit of Gossip Girl with a bit of edge and danger. The collection featured mixed plaids in overcoats, furs, glittering jackets, orange collared button downs, black leather jackets with white piping as trimming…I could go on! The details here were inspiring. The collection was lady-like with a bit of reference to the 1960s working woman. We enjoyed the pinks, oranges and variety of texture. This collection is highly wearable! Congrats to Tanya and her fun presentation.

Steven Tai

Steven Tai was the only designer to admit that he was a geek and that’s all well and good when your love of comics and pop culture inspires a collection like this. Bursting with color, Steven gave us athletic street wear with the innovation of science using silicone, embroidery and boxy cuts. If you’re looking to show your curves? This collection is not for you, but if you’re a funky individual who likes to conjure up conversation over your orange & blue sweater, this is right up your alley. For us, we loved the wide shirts and pants with yellow insert panels. Steven also showed off a completely different, award winning collection afterwards. Check out images below of Steven Tai’s cool collection. His special collection will be pictured on our Facebook page!

Steven Tai

Jeremy Laing

Jeremy Laing has made it a tradition to close the shOws presentations, filling the space with hundreds of fashion followers. This night was no different as Jeremy Laing’s show was at full capacity. Laing’s latest collection featured geometric shapes of color, flowly silk button down dresses, head-to-toe white, wool with leather jackets, gold and crucifixes. Models were working an androgynous vibe. The crest necklaces worn by the models reminded me of early nineties street culture. The collection is very youthful and funky, but there are pieces that could work for a more mature crowd. The applause after Laing’s bow on the runway was loud and memorable. And so ended The shOws FW 2013.

Jeremy Laing

All images by Carcia and Chantel Telly Campbell

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