World MasterCard Fashion Week: Day 1!

Toronto is ALIVE with Fashion and Beauty as the Tents filled up March 18th at David Pecaut Square. Here’s the breakdown of the shows we attended the first day!

MIZ By Izzy Camilleri

Izzy Camilleri creates a collection for the Baby Boomer! Don’t get us wrong, the line isn’t just for mature women, a 21 year old could EASILY find pieces in this line suitable for their life too! Izzy had models of all ages rocking the runway with simple black stretch headbands. The black headband is The trend ladies! Best part? They are so affordable! You can pick up half a dozen stretch headbands at your local drug store.

Looking at this line from a business perspective, Izzy is set-up for a prosperous season. Wearable clothes in Canada work! Fashionable and easy to wear means profitable and that is what Izzy did this season. Here are our favorite looks from the show!

Miz by Izzy Camilleri

Chloe comme Parris

The lights go down and the sound of Nirvana’s All Apologies sounds through The Tents. The 90’s anthem that had us all wearing plaid in 7th grade takes us back to a time when Seattle was THE place to go. Fashion label Chloe comme Parris made no secret of what influenced their latest collection. Models were dressed in Military green and thick sweaters. Going with the teen spirit theme, models wore messy hair with small braids. The general opinion from women we asked about the show was, “It was alright, but we are already over the 1990s look.” Personally, I liked a few pieces pairing it with more modern pieces in my own wardrobe.  I wish Chloe didn’t let go of their usual feminine touch! Of course, we applaud them for doing something verra different and having a powerful soundtrack to present their latest collection. Here are some looks that stood out on the runway.

Chloe comme Parris


It amazes us as to how Kimberley Newport-Mimran always delivers exactly what women want! She is not only a well thought designer, but a great business thinker. Every color of the trend rainbow was represented at the PINK TARTAN show, along with prints mixed in between the solids! The more pieces that came down the runway the more we liked it. By the end, we LOVED it, especially the black evening wear pieces that closed off the show. Pink Tartan gave us lady-like with a bit of edge, inspired by the shapes of 1960s retro flare. Another element we ALWAYS enjoy from Pink Tartan is the Fur pieces. Here are some of our favorite pieces from the collection!



Some guys get all the luck! Especially the guys who will get to shop BUSTLE! Every Bustle show seems to steal our hearts. The energy, the styling and the CLOTHES gel so well together. You want the models to linger just a bit longer at the end of the runway before turning around and heading backstage. This season, Bustle mixed prints and colors brilliantly! BUSTLE really puts on a show in a presentation sense, optimizing exactly how far the clothes can really go, which is the point of a Fashion Show. In real, everyday life, a man can simply take a floral or solid shirt from this collection and pair it with a crisp jacket or cardigan. The music was high energy, featuring one of our FAVES, Duran Duran! Here are some of our favorite looks from the show.


All Images Taken By George Pimentel/Getty Images for IMG. Permission authorized.

Stay tuned for a day 2 recap of World MasterCard Fashion Week!

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