When 5 Gum & Greta Constantine Took Over World MasterCard Fashion Week

Last month in between runway shows at World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto, suited wait-staff broke out into dance! Confetti rained down throughout the tents and music filled the room while Fashion insiders and fans stood in amazement. If that wasn’t enough, 10 tall, leggy models dressed in Greta Constantine designs, embellished with 5 Gum colors and styling, entered the lobby space. Camera lenses and eyes could not ignore the show. A story was being born! It was a FLASH FASHION MOB! We loved it! Like anyone in the middle of this, we had so many questions! Luckily enough for us The Greta Constantine duo Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill took the time to answer our questions regarding the styling and presentation behind the 5 Gum & Greta Constantine union, 5 Black Collection. Check out the video below!


Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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