Holiday Treats You Say? Lila’s Cocos Please!

With all the holiday parties, gift giving and party planning we need a bit of help! What do you get for your new friend? What treat do you bring to the party and what will you offer the family when they come over? We have an idea for you. Recently, we’ve been introduced to Lila’s Cocos! Especially for our local friends, Lila’s is made right here in Toronto. Lila Sarafian (Founder & Operator) uses her 100 year old family recipe to steal our sweet tooth hearts. Get this, the chocolate truffles are gluten & nut-free! Believe us, we had a few and we had to will ourselves not to eat the entire box in one sitting. We tried the regular and wine infused flavor. The texture and richness in the chocolate OVERLY beats your everyday candy bar. Not only are these truffles DELISH, but they are custom-colored to your order, so you can get creative for the holidays and match the truffles to your party decorations or Christmas tree. It’s Chocolate, but it’s Couture too!

Carcia sneaked the very last one.


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By Carcia & Telly
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