World MasterCard Fashion Week: Eva Chen

Christine Avanti & Kreesha Turner, both in Eva Chen.
The young designer, Eva Chen has gained many fans in her two and a half year career. She is known for her classic, elegant style that goes along perfectly with a red carpet. Christine Avanti, Kreesha Turner, Stacey McKenzie and many other fashion forward guests took in the Eva Chen FW 2012 show, ELEGANCE. Chen’s latest collection debuted on day three of Toronto Fashion Week, showcasing tailored suiting, floor length gowns with lace and flowers, bits of gold and lovely details such as color blocking, fitted bodices and headpieces to add the glam factor. Here are our favorite pieces from the collection!
Chen’s choice of using different colors and fabrics for each look make for a collection full of choices! She went from day time office wear to the awards ‘red carpet’ look in 20 minutes. There is no telling what we will see next from this talented young lady in seasons to come! Chen has a great eye for what a woman really wants in her outfits, Elegance! We are positive she has gained even more fans and watchers through her presentation.
A very happy Eva Chen takes a bow!
Backstage with Eva Chen’s beautiful creations.
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By Carcia & Telly
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