World MasterCard Fashion Week: LINE

LINE, Fall/ Winter 2012 at World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto.
Known for pushing the limits when it comes to knitwear, LINE creators John Muscat and Jennifer Wells, use draping, embellishments and exaggerated detailing to stand out amongst other knitwear labels. We loved the use of patterns and colors for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection presented on day 3 of Toronto Fashion Week. Looking at the LINE collection, you are amazed at how many shapes come out of a sweater or cardigan. Here are some of our favorite looks from the collection.
When you’re wearing a piece like this, you don’t need to worry about your trousers. The sweater is everything! – Telly
This is probably one of my favorite looks over the entire week!- Carcia
The use of color here is inspiring & I just adore how the sweater drapes on the shoulders. – Carcia
Not only is it highly fashionable, it looks so warm! The large knit just looks luxe. – Telly
The finale!
Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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