World Mastercard Fashion Week: NARCES


What We Saw: Designed by Nikki Wirthensohn, Narces is a Toronto-based womenswear line that specializes in after-five and evening wear. We loved the use of color, lace, embellishments and glamor to the Spring Summer Collection. View our images below and read some of Nikki’s thoughts she shared with us after the show.

1 DSC_0250 2 DSC_0255

Its about where the inspiration starts. Is it the fabric, is it the embellishments? Sometimes it starts with the style and sometimes it starts with the embellishments . It all really depends on what the dress is from the first thought.- Nikki Wirthensohn

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I wanted to be versatile to the same girl who would wear a certain cut of dress, but change it up. Adding a blazer for the office or wearing the dress for events. Its not just about evening wear, but it can work for the day.- Nikki Wirthensohn

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I’m really excited to be a part of WorldMasterCard FashionWeek. All my support, all my backbone have done so much to calm me down and now that I see the final product I am so happy. I have to thank all the people who helped me along the way.- Nikki Wirthensohn

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