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  • Fall Shopping Haul | Louis Vuitton, PRADA, Burberry, Accessories & Fashion! NEW IN!!!

    Let’s get into the latest fashion finds we bought recently!

  • Handbag trends | The Top Handle

    what’s hot for women’s accessories?

  • World Mastercard Fashion Week: Images & Outtakes

    Images and outtakes from our camera at World Mastercard Fashion Week. Stilettos & Rock n Roll, Carcia & Telly Follow HerCastleGirls! Twitter , Facebook & Tumblr

  • Michael Phelps For Louis Vuitton

    Michael Phelps is a wale; He moves through water better than how he walks on dry land. At the 2012  Summer Olympics London, he walked away with a new title, the most decorated Olympian in history. Before him, the title belonged to the amazing gymnast, Larisa Latynina of Russia. Now that the 2012 Summer Olympics…

  • Yellow Lace? YES

    After looking at Lana Del Rey’s Vogue UK cover look (lovely yellow dress) I couldn’t help but search for yellow lace dresses. Yellow on it’s own is already gorgeous, so imagine the texture of detailed lace along with the bright hue!? Here are some of the finds I want to purchase. The Inspiration Lana wore…