MFL Video: Runaway, Runaway

Duran Duran‘s latest breakthrough album, All You Need Is Now, is really getting the attention of video fans world wide. Their highly fashionable hit Girl Panic, has fashion insiders going and is going strong with over 4 million views on youtube. But recently, a new video has come out, created for a Duran Duran contest, that had us ROLLING. Let me explain….
The song is titled, Runaway Runaway and is based on the story of a scouted teenager who is moving away to start off her modeling career in a new country. When interviewed the band mentions the country, Japan. With that in mind, watch this video, and see how the creator has taken that idea to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Cheers to Justin J. Lowe the creator & director of this adorable masterpiece.
By Carcia & Telly
Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
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