MFL Video: Advanced Style! The Trailer

This is one movie I look forward to. I can speak for myself, and Telly when I say, Fashion becomes more fun and interesting as you get older. Looking back at pictures from my teen years I wonder, ‘Why did I wear that? It didn’t even fit me properly! I look like a crazy hot mess!’ I usually say that when I look back at my TLC phase, but on to the point. A film to be released soon, Advanced Style, is a documentary about high society mature (meaning older) women who love style and live in New York. You may have heard about Advanced Style, The Blog. This film is based on the blog’s look into fashion for the women over 50, over 60, over 70, and yes, over 80 years old. Fashion, Wisdom & Confidence! Now that is powerful! I’m curious to see how Telly’s style and my style will transcend in the later years.
Watch this extended trailer and I SWEAR you’ll feel so pumped to style YOUR way and be comfortable in your own skin.
By Carcia
Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
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