Newness with Arbonne!

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Our great friends at Arbonne invited us to their Launch Event recently. As you may know from following us, we love Arbonne products. We shared our love for Arbonne Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream and were introduced to Arbonne Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil. We tested it out the product and it truly nourishes the skin. Right now, more and more beauty fans (including us) are using essential oils for their facial skin care. Along with skin care products, we were introduced to Arbonne’s latest Eye makeup. Expect a review of these items soon! In the meantime, check out images from the event below.

Eye collection, cont'd

Carcia and Telly Campbell

Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil It's a Fine Line Pencil Eyeliner It's All in the Eyes Eyeshadows Selfie Smoothed Over Lipsticks

Photos provided by Jesson + Company Communications Inc.

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